Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What is Blended Learning?

What is Blended Learning?

Simply put, blended learning is a course that is partially taught in a classroom, and partially taught on-line.  This frees up classroom time for more interactive learning, versus a learning download.  This also allows the learner to (at their own pace and on their own time) learn the content before meeting with the group to discuss and apply it.

There is no specific definition as to what percentage is taught on-line and in class but the Sloan 
Consortium (a professional organization dedicated to post secondary on-line learning) defines blended learning as a course where 30%-70% of the instruction is delivered on-line. (BlendKit Reader Second Edition, Edited by Kelvin Thompson, Ed.D.)

This is an interesting video defining Blended Learning:

This is another good video to explain Blended Learning:

As I have mentioned, I am taking a course to become a Blending Learning Designer.  For more information, check out the Blended Learning Toolkit.

To learn more about the course, check out this video!